General description

The StarLine A96, StarLine A66, StarLine АS96, StarLine B96, StarLine B66 security systems are designed to protect the vehicle against theft and robbery. The location of the vehicle is determined by the GPS satellites. The set of functions depends on the combination of installed modules in the security system (check with the installer).

The functions of automatic and remote engine start available for StarLine A96, StarLine АS96, StarLine B96 security systems

Depending on the installed modules, the security system can be controled using a remote key, SMS commands, a voice menu, a wireless tag, from a mobile StarLine application or from a personal account at To enter your personal account, use the login and password written on the owner's plastic card included in the delivery set.

The 868 MHz module should be installed for security system control by means of the remote key.

The Bluetooth Smart module should be installed for security system control by means of the tag (or use of a smartphone as a tag).

The GSM module shall be installed for security system control by means of SMS commands, voice menu, from the StarLine mobile application and the personal account on the website, GLONASS+GPS antenna should be installed for track reception.

The 2CAN+2LIN module should be installed for use of the «Drive prohibition» function.

Main advantages:

  • operation in the «Slave» mode (security mode activation or deactivation using the standard car remote key);
  • driver identification by means of the wireless tag or smartphone via the Bluetooth Smart protocol;
  • connection of StarLine R6 wireless service module for control of the hood locks, horn and engine blocking;
  • additional owner authorization by means of a wireless tag, smartphone or entry of the secret code by means of the factory buttons;
  • a dialogue code of StarLine control with individual 128 bit encryption keys, guaranteeing reliable protection from all known code grabbers;
  • the possibility to install the 2CAN+2LIN module for reception of statuses and control via the CAN bus;
  • remote and automatic engine starting;
  • temporary deactivation of the standard immobilizer using the iKEY technology (via the digital CAN and LIN buses) or Fortin and iDataLink module control;
  • remote control of engine prestart heating devices;
  • determination of transport vehicle coordinates, speed and movement direction;
  • determination of driving parameters, driving style;
  • monitoring of car parameters (mileage, error codes, mains voltage etc);
  • automatic data transmission to the monitoring server;
  • data recording and storage in the non-volatile memory («black box»). The event log contains information on tracks for the last 1000 kilometers at driving in the city and 5000 — on the highway and on 13000 events;
  • control of functions and display of parameters on the monitoring server and in the StarLine mobile application;
  • high-sensitivity GLONASS+GPS module;
  • the service button combined with the LED indicator of system status;
  • the special StarLine Master program, used for individual setting of the complex depending on owner’s wishes and car’s peculiarities.

The plastic card

The delivery set includes a plastic card, which contains:

  • Service code — it he code is given on the owner’s plastic card. It is used for entry in the StarLine Master application.
  • Emergency disarming code— It is used for emergency security deactivation.
  • Login and password —the user’s personal account on the website where security complex control and parameter changing are available.

Do not tell anyone the emergency disarming code! Remember that if you know the emergency disarming code, an malefactor can disable protective functions.