Registration of code relay StarLine R4

If the StarLine R4 code relay has been purchased separately, it is necessary to register it in the main unit's memory by connecting it in accordance with the connection diagram:

  1. Enable disarm mode. Switch off the ignition if it was switched on.
  2. Connect the OUTPUT and INPUT wires of the code relay to each other.
  3. Turn on the power (BAT and GND wires).
  4. Press the valet button 7 times.
  5. Turn the ignition on.
  6. Follow the 7 signals of the LED and siren.
  7. Then follow the 2 LED signals and the siren, which means entering the registration mode.
  8. Successful registration will be confirmed by briefly switching on the built-in relay in StarLine R4.
  9. Turn the ignition off and open the OUTPUT and INPUT wires.