Sound and light indication

Setting of light and sound indication

In the security system there are several options for indication when switching to the "Disarm", "Arm" and "Alarm" modes:

  • hidden — light and sound indication is disabled;
  • quiet — indication by light signals;
  • sound — indication by sound signals;
  • full — indication by light and sound signals.

By default, the full mode is activated. The display option can be configured in your account at (Settings → General settings → Light and siren control).

Display table

 — short signal

 — long signal

Event Light signals Horn
Arm with security zone breach

Arm with deactivation of Hands free mode

Arm with deactivation of Hands free mode
(with security zone breach)


Disarm (one of the zones was violated in the security cycle)

Disarm with deactivation of Hands free mode   
Alarm 30 сек 30 сек

Warning level alarm

Panic 10 сек 10 сек
Entering in the valet mode 2 сек
Exiting the valet mode
Trunk opening
Automatic and remote engine start
Automatic and remote engine stop
Disable Anti-hi-jack mode  

LED indication on the valet button

Security system state LED
Disarm off

Disarm with the ignition ON and violation of one of the zones (doors, hood, trunk)

flashes once every 5 seconds
Arm flashes once every 1 seconds
Arm with activation of Hands free mode flashes 2 times per second
Engine is running on
Valet mode off
Immobilizer mode is activated off
Anti hi jack mode is activated flashes 10 times per second