Complex control using the tag

The presence of a tag depends on the set of the complex

The tags, which are included in set, are initially in transport mode, in which they are disabled! Pressing the tag button in this mode will be indicated by the green and red flashes of the built-in LED.

Before operating, it is necessary to press the tag button several times before changing the color of the flashes to green.

Testinging for a connection

To test if the tag is connected to the main unit, press the tag button short. If there is a connection, the LED lights up in the color corresponding to the set mode:

  • green —«Anti-hijack by the tag» mode is disabled;
  • red — «Anti-hijack by the tag» mode is enabled;
  • yellow — service mode.

Complex control

Duration of pressing the tag button:

  • short — press and release the button, then a flash corresponding to the current mode of operation will follow;
  • long — hold the button until the LED flashes. The duration of depression can be of two levels:
    • 1 level — hold the button until a long flash of the LED corresponding to the current mode of operation appears;
    • 2 level — press and hold the tag button, followed by two short flashes and one long one, and again a series of short flashes — release the button.
Command Duration of pressing
Arm / Disarm  1 short
Enable / Disable «Anti-hijack by the tag» long (1 level)
Enable / Disable Service mode long (2 level)

Replacing the tag's battery

If the tag's battery is discharg, then when the ignition ON 3 sounds of the buzzer will sound and an SMS will be sent to the owner number.

We recommend that you replace the battery as soon as possible.

To replace the battery with a neatly flat metal or plastic object (metal ruler, thin plastic) open the tag body and, observing the polarity (as pictured in the photo), install the battery in the compartment. Before closing the tag body, install a waterproof seal between its parts. After installing the battery in the tag, the complex is ready for operation.