Short user's manual Е96, Е66, Е96ВТ, Е66 ВТ, E9

Prior to operation of the security system carefully read this manual paying special attention to the sections marked ((warning)) and determine whether this security system is suitable for your car, for which following the car manufacturer’s requirements and the car operation manual.

If you could not determine whether this security system can be installed on the car, return it to the seller within 14 days after purchase.

The security system is a complicated technical device implying connection to the car circuits related to engine operation.

The security system should be installed only by specially trained qualified specialists.

Mounting, programming, maintenance, repair and disassembly-assembly of the security system shall not be carried out by persons who are not qualified specialists and have not passed training and knowledge test in safety rules.

During security system parameter programming, the set parameters should not contradict the requirements of the car operation manual.

The user bears full responsibility for damage incurred to people, animals and assets as a result of inappropriate use of the security system or use with violations of the safety requirements specified in this manual.

The manufacturer shall not be responsible for losses and injuries caused by failure to observe the safety rules and requirements outlined in this manual.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, keep the documents enclosed to the security system at sale. Check filling-in of the warranty slip, include the date of sale and seller’s stamp. If there is no sale (purchase) date, the warranty period is counted from the date of security system manufacture.

The service life of the security system is 5 years, provided that the product is installed and operated in accordance with operating instructions, installation and wiring diagram.

If your security system has a remote key or a wireless tag:

  • Do not carry the remote key or tag on the same bundle with the car keys
  • Always switch over the complex to the service mode when handing the car over for maintenance or washing. Do not hand tags and remote keys over to third parties to prevent unauthorized access to security functions
  • Do not leave remote key or tags in areas accessible to children and animals
  • Do not let liquids ingress the remote key
  • If the remote key display shows an icon warning about remote key battery discharge, take timely measures to replace the battery.
  • Store the spare battery in the car in the factory packing

Mandatory safety measures during use of the engine starting function

It should be borne in mind that the car is a source of extra hazard.

Before security system operation, carefully study the measures for safe use of the function of remote or automatic engine starting outlined below:

  1. Always park the car on an open, well ventilated area;
  2. Always apply the car’s parking brake, which shall be operable and prevent car movement;
  3. Leaving the car, be sure to set the automatic transmission control lever to the «PARK» position, and the manual gearbox changeover lever – to the neutral position;
  4. If your car has a manual gearbox, prior to activating the function of remote or automatic engine starting, be sure to perform the procedure of preparation for engine starting  – «program neutral»;
  5. Never hand over the security system control remote key to children and other persons without their preliminary study of the operation manual;
  6. Before activating the function of remote or automatic engine starting:
    • make sure the car is operable;
    • make sure there is a sufficient amount of fuel, oil, cooling fluid etc;
    • set the operation parameters of the passenger compartment heater (air conditioner), window heating and other accessories to the required levels;
    • set the passenger control ventilation regulator to air circulation, which will allow more efficient warming or cooling of air in the car.

Safety precautions during charging of your car’s storage battery

Remember that any battery charging process implies supply of voltage exceeding the rated 12 V to the storage battery and accordingly to the car circuit, which may damage the car electronic equipment and additional installed equipment in your car.

Do not use charging and starting/charging devices for storage battery charging directly on the car without disconnecting the storage battery terminals from the car circuit in the following modes:

  • rapid charging by increased current («boost» or similar modes)
  • various START modes intended for engine starting
  • in the storage battery 24 V charging mode

Never use starting and charging devices for engine starting without a connected storage battery and with connected inoperable storage batteries (short circuits in banks, breakage of plates etc.)

Never use inoperable charging devices, 24 V charging devices and devices not intended for storage battery charging, e.g., welding inverters.

All the aforesaid devices and modes may cause uncontrolled supply of increased voltage over 25 V and up to 60 V to the car circuit and cause failure of the electronic components of the security system and car equipment.

The light-up method should not be used for storage battery charging. Even the described «safe» light-up methods are safe only for the «donor» car. Connection and disconnection of a fully discharged or inoperable storage battery on your car with the engine operating may cause failure of the electronic devices of your car and the car alarm due to a short circuit or surges of increased voltage occurring during storage battery connection and disconnection.

If the aforesaid devices and modes are used, the car owner shall be responsible for damage of the electronic equipment.

Observe the technology for safe storage battery charging!

Before charging, the storage battery terminals shall be disconnected from the car circuit. After that the storage battery charging process can be started. After charging, connect the storage battery to the car circuit.

This is necessary because without measuring devices you cannot determine storage battery operability or status and the reason of its discharge (internal short circuits or breaks). Any connection of the charging device to an inoperable storage battery causes the risk of damage of the car electronic equipment and the security system by increased voltage.