General description


Immobilizer StarLine i96 CAN is intended for car protection from theft by way of hidden engine blocking via the standard car bus (iCAN technology). The owner is authorized in two ways:

  • by means of a wireless tag or smartphone using the encrypted Bluetooth Smart protocol protected against electronic break.
  • by code entry using the standard car buttons.

Additional level of car protection is ensured by the wireless underhood unit StarLine R6 or StarLine R4, which provides additional engine blocking and hood lock control.

Plastic card

Plastic card

The delivery set includes a plastic card containing the following data:

  • Code of emergency security deactivation — it is intended for engine unblocking.
  • Service code — intended for setting and programming of complex parameters using the StarLine Master application.

It is recommended to take along the owner’s plastic card or save the code of emergency security deactivation in the mobile phone.

ATTENTION! Do not tell the code of emergency security deactivation to anybody! Remember that a malefactor, knowing the code, may deactivate the protective functions.

Service button

The service button is intended for entry of the code of emergency security deactivation.

ATTENTION! Be sure to request the location of the service button in your car from the installation specialist.

Tag Bluetooth Smart

The tags, included in the delivery set, are initially in the transport mode in which they are off! Pressing of the tag button in this mode will be indicated by green and red flashes of the built-in LED.

Prior to operation, press the tag button several times until the flash color changes to green.

Connection testing

Press the tag button shortly in order to check tag’s connection with the main unit. If connection is available, 2 flashes of the tag LED will follow, if not — 1 flash. The flash color will correspond to the immobilizer operation mode.

LED indication

Discharge of the battery

To prevent engine blocking due to a discharged battery, the immobilizer constantly checks battery capacity. The low battery charge level will be reported to the owner at ignition switch-on by 6 short sound signals.

Replace the battery as soon as possible in case of discharge indication.