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ADDED Added German and Italian languages

ADDED Added 2CAN+2LIN(v3) module support

ADDED Added support of vertical screen remotes StarLine A96, B96

ADDED Android: added background operation (updates and other processes will not interrupt after app shutdown or screen lock)

ADDED Added display of errors description for incorrect service code entry for i96CAN (available since FW 1.8.0 version)

ADDED Desktop: added support of S3 FW for 3 and 5 generation devices

CHANGED Accelerated firmware library download (do not shutdown program on initial start and updating)

CHANGED Enhanced devices connection manuals

CHANGED Desktop: improved notification on updates

CHANGED Windows: fixed start on some Windows 7 computers

FIXED Android: fixed start on some Android 5 smartphones

FIXED MacOS: fixed shutdown while app updating

FIXED MacOS: updated programmer driver for 3 and 5 generation devices



ADDED Desktop: The list of devices can be updated by pressing F5 button

ADDED Android: Added color highlighting of directions and polarities of channels that can be changed

ADDED Android: Added support for new devices: StarLine M22-96, StarLine M67-96, StarLine AS96 (v2)

CHANGED The algorithm for switching CAN settings for the 6th generation has been improved: now, if the settings became unavailable when switching the car or CAN interface, it always turns off (as before), if it becomes available, it is set to the factory value (it always turned on before). This algorithm works for all CAN, SIGMA, and I96 CAN modules.

CHANGED Desktop: Improved user interface for channel settings

CHANGED macOS: Improved OS Catalina support

FIXED Desktop: Fixed display of CAN interfaces when connecting Bluetooth devices via Bluetooth indication module, as well as CAN modules via transceiver cable

FIXED Desktop: Fixed interface hang-up if flashing CAN through the programmer by opening the firmware file with a mouse click

FIXED Desktop: Fixed the problem of saving CAN settings through the transceiver, which was manifested when quickly pressing the 'Save' button again

FIXED Windows: Fixed scintillation user interface on some PCs

FIXED Fixed scrolling of some lists off the screen

FIXED Fixed work with R6 ECO



ADDED Added new design of the main window: the buttons related to a specific device ("Update", "Setup", "Upload log", "CopyKey") are now on the device’s card, the remaining buttons moved to the side panel

ADDED Added the ability to connect a few devices at the same time

ADDED Added support for the StarLine M22-96 heater control module

ADDED Added support for the StarLine M67-96 tracker

ADDED Added support for the StarLine AS96(v2) security systems

ADDED Added support for S1 / S2 software for 3/5 generations

ADDED Added prohibition of operation with StarLine I96 in bootloader mode from software version 1.4.0 and higher

CHANGED The "Download all" button has been replaced by "Download current software", when clicked only the latest firmware versions will be downloaded

CHANGED Improved file handling: uploading settings or firmware files to the device is now possible both from the main window and from the settings window

FIXED Fixed an problem where, when loading the settings file into the device, the old flexible logic programs were not deleted

FIXED Fixed saving flexible logic programs to a PDF file



ADDED Added support for StarLine GSM + GPS Master device

ADDED Added detail of errors from the CopyKey server



ADDED Added support for StarLine M32 ECO control module engine preheater

FIXED Fixed: error message was not displayed when the CopyKey procedure failed



ADDED Added support for CAN library version 5.0

ADDED Added support for StarLine M18 Pro smart tracker

ADDED Added support for StarLine D96 security telematic complex

ADDED Added support for StarLine Sigma 10 (v2), StarLine Sigma 15 (v2)

ADDED Added support for R5 software for 3/5 generations

CHANGED The device log file name in the archive is now '<serial number> <current date and time>.log' instead of 'log.log'

FIXED Fixed log unload for M18

FIXED Fixed the operation of the "Update" button in the list of firmware in the absence of an Internet connection

FIXED Fixed display of the list of firmware for some CAN modules

FIXED Fixed detection of the state of the system when an error occurred entering the service code (for example, when the system in arm mode)

FIXED Fixed the process of determining devices 3/4/5 generation (sometimes defined as unknown devices)



ADDED Added the ability to specify the name of the channel (available in A96 / B96 / E96 / E96BT / S96 / X96v2 from version 2.11)

ADDED Added additional information to the device log (short information about the device and the settings file)

ADDED Added automatic selection of the car for firmware with, if the firmware contains only 1 car (included in the settings)

ADDED Added support StarLine D96 remote key

ADDED Added support for configuring CAN modules version 4.8.0

ADDED Added display of the language of the firmware in the current device (will be available for the 6th generation from versions 2.12.0 and 1.16.0)

CHANGED Redesign prompts for drop-down lists, channels and flexible logic

CHANGED Changed availability of firmware files with available / unavailable Internet

CHANGED The same items in the lists are no longer hiding

FIXED Fixed displaying changes when loading the settings file into the device

FIXED Fixed problem with authorization in StarLine ID in case the password contains Russian letters

FIXED Fixed a bug that caused the 'Save' button not to be activated when deleting a single flexible logic program

FIXED Fixed language reset to Russian when updating application with selected English language

FIXED Linux: fixed work with I96 CAN



FIXED Fixed a bug with the update of the main unit 3/5 generation in version 2.9.0.


Fixed CAN reset when the car was first selected in the 6th generation



ADDED Added the valet code memorization in one session (before the closing of the StarLine Master).

ADDED Added definition of the security complex mode (arm, valet mode) for the 3/5 generations (supported since software version Q6)

ADDED Added code signing sertificate by NPO StarLine for the application and the distribution.

ADDED Added support for fast software download (Fast Copy) for I96 CAN.

ADDED Added support for uploading logs via Bluetooth Smart (for the 6th generation, via the Bluetooth module).

ADDED Added support for StarLine M18.

ADDED Added support for R1-R3 software for 3/5 generations.

CHANGED Improve tooltip interface for channel settings and drop-down lists.

CHANGED Redesign architecture and increased stability of the application.

FIXED Fixed the problem of entering the settings of CAN 4.5.1 / 4.5.2 modules.

FIXED Fixed bug with changing the parking brake / parking setting in the 2CAN, CAN + LIN.

FIXED Fixed resetting the AF21 setting in the 5th generation when you re-enter the settings.

FIXED Windows XP: fix "crash" when canceling an update



ADDED Added support for Q6 software for 3/5 generations

FIXED Fixed updating of CAN module software via the transceiver wire

FIXED Fixed printing in PDF file of parking brake / parking settings for CAN modules

FIXED Linux: run on Ubuntu 17.10 fixed



ADDED Added support for StarLine R6 ECO wireless micro relay

ADDED Added StarLine B96 remote key (LCD)

ADDED Added caching of devices data (serves to speed up loading of settings)

ADDED Added beta version of StarLine Master for Linux x86/x64

CHANGED Improved diagnostics display for large monitors

CHANGED Improved actions and design of the list of unread messages

FIXED Fixed errors of CopyKey service

FIXED MacOS: Fixed blocking of some settings on 3/4/5 generation

FIXED MacOS: the programmer driver added to the distribution package

FIXED Many fixes and improvements have been made, application stability has been improved



ADDED Added support for the CAN library version 4.6.0 and above



ADDED Support for StarLine B96, StarLine E96 / E96 BT security system added

ADDED Support for Q4 software for 3/5 generations added

ADDED «Deferred» loading of the CAN library added

ADDED Control support from the "Diagnostics" section added for the 6th generation since version 2.7.0

ADDED Categorization for a list of devices added

CHANGED StarLine Master manual is moved to



ADDED Added the ability to select text for copying in the message window

CHANGED Improved CopyKey service for the 6th generation

FIXED Fixed bug in switching languages


The first version in English